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Fire Sprinkler Damage

Fire sprinklers add some serious utility in case of fire, but if a faulty installation of corrosion effects the device you could face an unexpected activation. This can cause serious water damage to your home.

If this happens to you..

  • Turn off the main water supply
  • Turn off main power block to avoid electrocution
  • Exit the site and contact a professional water damage company

Don’t risk reducing fire sprinkler damage without the help of the experts at Santa Clarita Restoration Damage! With over 10 years of experience, we have the expertise and technology to properly restore the damage done. Fire sprinklers can cause serious issues if you do not properly maintain them regularly.

In reducing the existing damage we perform cold water extraction to remove standing water and inspect hidden water pockets with infrared camera usage. This allows us to locate any missed water spots to ensure no water is left behind. We have a less intrusive dry out procedure as well, so if you own a commercial property you can (depending on the severity of damage) run your business during the restoration.

We’ll respect your property and take all the necessary precautions to simultaneously reduce damage and abide by EPA standards. Trust our process, and contract Santa Clarita Restoration Damage today if you face fire sprinkler damage of any kind.