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Fire Restoration Service

Santa Clarita is a well-known name in the Restoration industry. We are licensed and insured by the CSLB #958554 and acknowledged by the Better Business Bureau as one of the fastest service in our area. We serve our customers through several facilities and our satisfied clientele are a testimony to our success and great service.

Santa Clarita provides the following services:

• Cold Water Extraction
• Fire Sprinkler damage
• Property Damage
• Water Damage Insurance
• Water Damage Services

Having served our customers by providing them with IIRC approved technicians and great overall services, we are proud to announce our extension in to the fire restoration service. We intend to carry the same promises we deliver through our other services and offer a complete professional restoration service in case of fire damage.

Why Choose a Professional Service?
Fire damage repair isn’t a task that should be taken lightly because fire destruction can spread to places that cannot be looked into by a non-professional. Blackened walls and ceilings, broken windows, doors and utensils are damages that are noticeable at once and can be replaced, but it takes a professional to determine the damage that the foundation has had to sustain.

If your foundation has weakened, you need immediate replacement. It is not easy to determine the extent to which the metals inside have weakened, and what level of repair they require to go back to their prior state. Fire outbreaks also leave behind soot and smoke damage that can continue to cause destruction even after the fire has been put out. Hence, it is important to clean the residue and remove the soot which saves your residence from further damage.

The bottom line is, fire damage restoration is not an easy job and should not be left at the mercy of amateurs because you want to save money.

Why Santa Clarita Fire Damage Restoration?
Santa Clarita Fire Damage Restoration technicians are IIRC approved, and this gives us an advantage over our competitors. We respect your property, and will serve your fire damage restoration needs to an optimum level. Our professional technicians start off by examining the entire region that has been affected by the fire and figure out the extent of damage. Once they have completely understood the repair and maintenance that is needed, they go forward with the actual process of restoration of your property.

Their training allows them to better inspect the place for soot and ash left behind by the fire and they remove it immediately from places that amateur technicians are not able to identify. This in turn helps our customers save costs of future damage repairing. They will also assist and guide you with how to stay protected against fire outbreaks in the future and avoid any danger for yourself and your property.

So no matter what kind of damage a fire has left behind, you can rely on Santa Clarita Fire Restoration Service to take care of the matters.

So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-SERVPRO, and book your professional service now!