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Cold Water Extraction

We understand how difficult water damage can become, but if you take care of it at the first sign of trouble you’ll be better off. At Santa Clarita Restoration Damage we take our job seriously, and use our 10 years of expertise to deliver better results than other companies in the area. We provide a full range of services including cold water extraction.

We’ll remove the standing water in your home or commercial property and get the excess water hidden behind drywall, beneath floorboards or stuck above ceiling panels out of there! Using infrared cameras we can identify hidden water pockets, and treat the issue with care.

We practice equipment monitoring from start to finish, to ensure everything is working as it should. Using water tanks and submersible pumps we remove standing water efficiently. We follow California EPA standards when disposing excess water and move onto in place drying. Our process is less intrusive and more cost effective for you!